Morgan Mansell Prize (melanoma): Latest news

It is with pleasure that we announce that the winner of the 2019 Morgan Mansell Prize for the most outstanding melanoma research project is Simone Park.   The inaugural prize was awarded at MRV’s annual meeting where Professor Grant Macarthur, Professor Mark Shackleton, Professor Victoria Mar, and others from the Alfred, Peter Mac and Austin hospitals adjudicated on the numerous entries for melanoma research.  We thank all the applicants for their hard work into striving to find a cure for this far too common disease, and each of their research projects were so very impressive.  Congratulations to Simone and we hope that in the very near future, that you and all the other up and coming researchers will discover a cure for melanoma for 100% of patients. We can only hope that the quality of entries for the 2020 Morgan Mansell Prize are just as outstanding.


Simone being presented with the award; and Professor Mark Shackleton, Simone, Julie and Peter Mansell, Professor Victoria Mar

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