Check4Spots Day – Latest News

Thanks everyone for helping make the inaugural Morg’s Check4Spots Day (30 January) such a success.  The message for everyone to book a skin check (or at the very least – to grab a partner to look at those hard to see areas) appears to have been spread far and wide; and further accelerated by posts from organisations such as the Alfred Hospital and the Melanoma Institute who are both performing critical research for a cure for melanoma.  We have already received reports of people after having been prompted to get the skin check – have had early stage melanoma identified and will now have a positive outcome.  Also, a huge shout out to Virginia Trioli (ABC Melbourne Mornings) for helping us spread the message through ABC Radio’s massive audience.

With your help and by sharing the post on the Morgan Mansell Fund Facebook Page– we can make such a difference in reducing the number of deaths from melanoma.  We now look forward to making the 2021 Morg’s Check4Spots day have an even bigger impact.



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