If there was one good thing to come out of lockdown, it gave us plenty of time to think up a perfect solution for that next time when you are searching for that special present for someone, whilst simultaneously supporting melanoma research and increasing awareness of the critical need to get regular skin checks (30th Jan).

We are so very pleased to let you know of the Morgan Mansell Fund’s latest initiative for doing just that.  For only A$39, you score a lovely pair of our specially designed and labelled stainless steel, vacuum insulated wine goblets (keeps your wine cold or your coffee hot); and even if we do say so ourselves – very nicely presented and packaged as a perfect gift for yourself or a friend or loved one.  So whilst enjoying a picnic or BBQ, what a lovely reminder to you or your loved ones to take care in the sun; all at the same time as raising valuable funds for research (it goes without saying that 100% of sales will be passed on to research).

If in our own small way this initiative prompts you, your children or for those fortunate enough to have grand children to get that skin check and avoid skin cancer – then it will be job done.

To purchase a pair, please visit: and help us to say NO to melaNOma.

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