Check4Spots Day – Latest News

Check4Spots Day (every 30th January, and a happy heavenly birthday Morgy x) is your reminder to grab a partner to look for any new suspicious or changes to existing spots/moles in those hard to see areas (scalp, back, soles of feet, buttocks, etc), and if you see anything of concern (change in size, shape or colour) – book an appointment with your doctor as soon as possible.  To draw attention to a cause so close to our hearts, Peter sandwiched himself between 2 beds of nails and had some bricks smashed on his chest.  The link to the video is Thankfully the nails didn’t draw blood (but they did leave some quite nice deep marks) and when you watch this short 2 minute clip, the link between it and checking for spots should become quite clear.

Many thanks to the Channel 9 Today Show, and to Virginia Trioli (ABC radio) and Neil Mitchell (3AW) for helping highlight this important message

With your help and by sharing the Morgan Mansell Fund Facebook Page posts – we can make such a difference in reducing the number of deaths from melanoma. 

Melanoma is the most common cancer in Aussies aged 15-39; the third most common cancer in women (after breast and colorectal cancer); and men (after prostate and colorectal cancer).  So please:

  • Grab a partner today and look for any new suspicious spots/moles or changes to existing ones including in those hard to see places such as on each other’s neck, back, scalp, buttocks, soles of the feet (melanomas do not necessarily appear in the most exposed areas).
  • With regular self-examination and being familiar with your own and your partner’s skin (don’t forget the kids too) – could just save a life.  You will know far more quickly than your doctor if there have been changes to any spots/moles.
  • The great news is that if treated in the early stages, survival rates are very high.  Left undiagnosed, the cancer can quickly spread and becomes so much harder to treat. 
  • And if you’re still thinking – ZZzzzz I’ll do it tomorrow (didn’t you know tomorrow never comes) – then ask yourself once again: have I ever been sunburnt on more than five occasions or have I ever suffered just one blistering sunburn?  Do yourself a favour and Check4Spots today (please).

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