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Welcome to my little corner of the internet. I’m Morgan, I’m 25 and live in Melbourne, Australia. I had my first clinically-recognised MS relapse at 19, and my immune system has been laughing at me ever since.

I have a rare mutation with my CTLA4 gene which ~basically~ means my body is genetically programmed to self-destruct. The CTLA4 gene is responsible for encoding the CTLA-4 protein, so as a result of my gene mutation I have a CTLA-4 protein deficiency. The CTLA-4 protein is essentially the brakes of the immune system, so without these brakes my immune system just WILLNOTSTOP. And because it is constantly activated, it is also tired. The upshot of this is that I have both severe autoimmunity AND immunodeficiency. God living in my body is fun. I created this blog back when my MS diagnosis was steering my health, and since then a lot of other super fun conditions have jumped onboard. It’s probably best that this was initially an MS blog because I don’t know how I would work CTLA4 into a title.

Contrary to what it might look like I do have a life outside of being a patient 😂 I did a double degree with a triple major in my undergrad (Journalism, Marketing & German), and am about to start my Masters in Tourism. I love writing, languages (I learned Mandarin for a while as well!), travel (as my postgrad studies might suggest), AND I love food, like, a lot. I began my career in advertising which is currently on hold whilst I ride the cancercoaster, but my dream job would be someone paying me a squillion dollars to eat and go on exotic holidays. HAHA. You might say as if, but I have a one in a million genetic mutation so crazier things have happened 😎.

I’m a pretty wordy gal and if you’re new to my blog, there’s a lot to catch up on. I put this post together right here so that you can get a quick(ish) overview of some of the fun times my body and I have shared together.

Do you have the magical cure for all my conditions?? Send me an email at dontmswithmorgs@gmail.com

Don’t have the cure but have a great cake recipe? Send me an email anyway. Maybe don’t mark it urgent.

Don’t forget to follow me on Instagram at @dontmswithmorgs where I update far more frequently.

Thanks for stopping by,

Morgan xx

Footnote:  So very sadly, Morgan lost her battle with melanoma in October 2018.  However, please take a look at her posts under the melanoma, multiple sclerosis, CTLA4 sections and be inspired by the humorous and brave way she coped with the cards that had been dealt her.  Your support for the Morgan Mansell Fund to continue the fight for cures into these health issues would be so much appreciated.  All deductions are tax deductible and every cent will be granted out for research. 

Many thanks. Peter and Julie (Morgan’s mum and dad) xx



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4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Morgan, I have really enjoyed reading your story. I am 42 and I am currently undiagnosed and fairly certain my story will end up similar to yours. A year is a long time to wait, I am a year since they first noticed lesions. I am 5 months away from my next neurologist appointment. I have certainly learnt patience! Good luck with everything x


    1. Hi Kelly, thanks for your lovely comment. I’m sorry to hear you’re being diagnosed at the moment and can only imagine that that wait must be agonising! I had no symptoms in the year it took to be diagnosed, and since I was told it was not MS I was completely care-free, it did not occur to me that my world would be turned upside down in a matter of months. I hope that you’re doing okay and don’t experience any symptoms before your next neurology appointment! xxx


  2. Morgan

    I’ve been diagnosed with MS for 45 years and like you have a lousy history with MS meds and their side effects. Not tried as many as you though. But now! Biotin 300mg a day! Yay! No side effects for nearly 12 months now. Ask your doctor if it might suit you. Supposed to be as efficacious as some as the nasty meds.

    All the best


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