DON’T MS WITH ME (WHEN NOTHING GOES TO PLAN) available in paperback or on Kindle

Purchase your copy of Don’t MS With Me (When Nothing Goes To Plan) via the link below.   All proceeds from sales of this book will be donated via the Morgan Mansell Fund towards a cure for MS.

Morgan first noticed multiple sclerosis symptoms when she was just 17. As the disease progressed, the challenges continued to mount up as she battled adverse reactions to the numerous MS medications she was given. Morgan’s account of her MS journey (the leading cause of disability in young adults) is beautifully written with such humour whilst simultaneously being so very frank and informative. This book is not only for those personally affected by MS – but is also an inspiring read for anyone with an interest in a person’s fight against the odds. Don’t MS With Me will have you captivated by the courage of this brave young woman.

“MS did not define Morgan, nor should it define anyone with this condition.  Morgan writes of her MS journey with astuteness, tenderness and humour.  But in the face of great adversity she was brave, graceful and resilient.”

Associate Professor Ernie Butler, Head of Neurology, Peninsula Health

There are two ways to purchase Don’t MS With Me:

1: Directly via for $19.50 (plus local postage):  This link is our preferred method as it allows us to raise more money for the Morgan Mansell Fund and an MS cure, however, please note this link is only appropriate for those who live in Australia. 

2: For those who do not live in Australia, it is available via…/dp/B0948J4GMT

All proceeds from sales of this book will be donated towards MS research.

4 thoughts on “DON’T MS WITH ME (WHEN NOTHING GOES TO PLAN) available in paperback or on Kindle

  1. I wish I was back home in Australia to buy this book direct and or to attend the launch party (when safe to do so), but I have just downloaded this and have only read the intro, with tears on my eyes and a little laugh, hearing the true, but ironic tone.

    You both must be immensely proud. I had short DM’s with Morgs re various stuff and I am grateful for those short chats we had.

    My heart breaks trying to read further. I will dry my eyes and try again.

    Much love to you all and thank you. xx

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  2. I fell in love with Morgan when I came upon her blog while researching Melanoma when I was first diagnosed. I cried for days when I found out she lost her battle and so very young! The wonderful person she was, shines thru her written words. I would love to have known her. Farewell and much love to Morgs family from Northern California. xoxo Her book is loaded to my kindle!


    1. Hi Lynda, It’s Morgy’s dad here. Sorry I am a bit late in responding to your comment (I am a bit backward in the techno skills and only just saw it). You’re very kind. Hope you find her book ‘Don’t MS With Me’ inspiring. Cheers Peter


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